Turning 21? 21 Smart Money Moves to Make This Year

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 · gallery: 7 financial Skills Every 20-Year-Old Needs To Know. When my 23-year-old son, Rick, was laid off from the job he landed right out of college, I was disappointed for him but not really worried. With the business’s billable hours dwindling for months and my son being the low man on the totem pole, he saw the layoff coming.

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13 Things To Expect When You Go To Vegas For Your 21st Birthday. Vegas has to offer. I have been to Vegas multiple times before, but all of my experiences have been from under a 21-year-old perspective. The pools, the clubs, the bars, the casinos, the shopping and everything in between is all.

If one of your goals is to save money this year, then make a few changes here and there to save a little or a lot. Remember the little things do add up! Read this list below on suggestions for saving.

Of course. But as we kick off a brand-new year, I ask that you do your very best to keep a brighter, more solvent future in your sights. Adopt the following age-specific tactics before you make any other moves to build the financial security you need and deserve, one decade at a time. In Your 20s You absolutely must.save for retirement.

Smart money moves to make today to improve your finances in 2019. There are so many things I wanted to do this year that I’ve fallen behind on.. It’s easier than you think to turn your.

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