Liverpool back down in row over ticket prices and apologise to fans in a 937-word letter

Liverpool ticket prices: Thousands of fans walk out in protest. A supporters’ group had urged fans to leave their seats in the 77th minute in protest at the 77 top-priced ticket in the new main stand next term. The walkout followed singing of the club anthem ‘You’ll Never Walk Alone’ then chants of "enough is enough". Liverpool lost a 2-0 lead at the time of the walkout and drew the game 2-2.

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Liverpool owners FSG back down in ticket row with open letter to fans – match day tickets capped at 59. The anger reached its peak with a 77th-minute walkout – involving around 10,000 fans – during the 2-2 draw with Sunderland at the weekend. But Liverpool owners Fenway Sports Group have now backed down in the row.

Liverpool co-owner John Henry has written an open letter to fans on the club’s website. Henry has used the statement to defend Liverpool’s summer transfer business. However, the American admitted.

Liverpool have become a lightning rod for mounting concern over rising Premier League ticket prices. away fans should only pay £10 so the atmosphere at grounds matches “fantastic” stadiums in.

Liverpool owners scrap 77 ticket and apologise to fans. Article. who replied with a 937-word open letter .. a lightning rod for mounting concern over rising Premier League ticket prices.

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Tottenham are set to be the latest Premier League club to backdown over proposed ticket price. apology in a 937-word open letter signed by owners John W Henry, Tom Werner and Mike Gordon. Arsenal.