A Startup With Eyes on the (Tiny) Prize

They also launched a startup: TinyJXN (pronounced "Tiny Jackson"), which plans to develop the city’s first tiny-house community. The process, so far, has taken over a year. The Kellys met as grad students at Jackson State University and have put down roots in the city.

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Council approves Eagle Market loan modifications; agrees to fewer affordable units But during the housing crash, they dominated the market. Lenders have taken back more than 250,000 homes since 2008. As the economy has improved, the number of foreclosures returned to precrash levels. In September, there were fewer than 700, compared with about 4,000 a month throughout 2011.

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A Startup with Eyes on the (Tiny) Prize College students today often graduate with a heavy burden of debt into a world with limited economic opportunities. Akili and Ashlee Kelly were aware that many young people were leaving the Jackson, Mississippi area due to a lack of affordable housing, taking with them knowledge and skills vital to the city.

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The European Startup Prize for mobility. More than just a prize. We’re a leading public-private initiative co-founded by the European Parliament’s Transport and Tourism Committee Chairwoman, Karima Delli, Boston Consulting Group and Via ID.

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A Startup with Eyes on the (Tiny) Prize. Meet Akili and Ashlee Kelly, co-founders of TinyJXN. In partnership with Nationswell. The Kellys recently were able to successfully finish their first tiny home project, but their journey from idea to reality has had its fair share of complications.